About us

How it came about:

HMK Medical b.v. and HollandseMondKapjes.nl is an initiative of the Haarlem based company BMS Car- en Projectupholstery

Shortly after the outbreak of COVID-19 in the Netherlands, BMS director Sander Borchart was asked by Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways) to help think about the production of cotton masks for NS staff. This is not surprising, as BMS, as an upholsterer, specializes in the techniques and materials required to make mouth masks.

There has been a lot of speculation in the media recently about the possible mandatory use of respiratory masks in public transport, in supermarkets, retail outlets and for contact professions. This has led to all kinds of initiatives for the import of mouth masks from Asia, which are then offered on the Dutch market.

The motives behind these practices are not always equally sound. It is incomprehensible for Sander Borchart that Chinese masks are sold at extortionate prices in the Netherlands, which is why he decided to investigate the possibilities for production in his own country. Not even thinking twice, he formed a team of experts.

To no longer have to depend on the import of mouth masks from countries outside the Netherlands or the European Union, BMS founded HMK Medical B.V., which, like BMS, is located in Haarlem. Careful market exploration and various quality studies have resulted in four production lines. This means a production capacity of 2.4 million mouth masks per week.

These include surgical mouth masks intended for physicians and paramedics (type IIR), consumers, travelers on public transport, people with contact professions, airlines and anyone who needs this extra form of protection.