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How to use a mouth mask

How do I apply the mouth mask?

  1. Always start with clean hands! If necessary, disinfect the hands first with hand alcohol or hand gel.
  2. Make sure the mask fits well on the face. If the mask does not fit properly, unfiltered polluted air can be inhaled through the edges.
    • Shave well. Beard growth and stubble reduce the proper functioning of the mask, the edges of the mask won’t fit.
    • Avoid wearing long and loose hair. It may cause the mask to function. Preferably wear long hair in a tail or put it up.
  3. Pull the mask open while slightly bending the noseband.
  4. Hold the mask in one hand and the ear loops in the other hand. Avoid touching the inside of the mask with your hands.
  5. Place the mask under the chin and put the ear loops behind the ears.
  6. Check that the flap under the chin is put away to the back.
  7. Place the top of the mask just below the nose bridge (that’s the soft part at the top of the nose). Now press the mask with both hands on both sides at the same time. Move from top to bottom. If you do not perform this action properly, an open space is bound to appear.
  8. Feel whether the mask fits properly.

Note: The mask is for single use only, please put it in the waste bin after use. So do not let the mask dangle under the chin or put it in your pocket.

How do I remove the mouth mask?

  1. If you’re wearing them: remove your gloves.
  2. Disinfect hands when using the mask to protect against microorganisms. Then take off the mouth mask as follows:
    • Chin forward. Bend forward with the face forward.
    • Grab both ear loops with two hands and pull over the head. Do not touch the face and mask while doing this. Dispose of the mask in a closed waste bin with waste bag.
    • After use and contact with the used mask, thoroughly disinfect or wash your hands again.