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Doing business in an unprecedented era

Sander Borchart (BMS Car and Project Upholstery) learned that the majority of mouth masks come from China and that they are sold at extortionate prices. For ideological reasons, he therefore decided to work on a medically certified production in the Netherlands. Newasco Van Houten washes for nursing home and mentally handicapped care. Suddenly, everything came together. Director Robert van Houten decided to invest directly in, among other things, a safe working climate. A conversation with two enthusiastic entrepreneurs in an unprecedented era.

Sander: “We had to invent the wheel ourselves. Two machines, from China, are now running at our location in Haarlem, each with two production lines. To get this far, I had to move heaven and earth. There was no agency that offered help and no one who could set us on the right track. Eventually, I contacted someone who I met last year during a study trip to China with Rabobank Haarlem. That was the start of a successful search for quality machines. However, having those machines was just the beginning…”

Source: INTO business Haarlem